Yes Boss is a bridge between brands and content providers conceptualizing, developing and producing nerdcore* content. We collaborate hand-in-hand with our clients on the entire creative process to come up with some next-level biz whether it's animation, live action or a combination of the two. In other words... we make custom, kick-ass content in your voice, for your brand. Get them laurels, yo.

*nerdcore: the stuff you geek out over


Boss Creative Group

765 E 17th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
p. 212.390.0871

We're located in a Victorian in the heart of Brooklyn - it's like fight club without the soap



Daniel Garcia, Executive Creative Director

Daniel Garcia, Executive Creative Director

Daniel has been a director of live action and animation for over 20 years. Using his unique experience and passions, he concepts & executes visions for brands and networks around the world.



Kathryn Henderson, Executive Producer

Kathryn Henderson, Executive Producer

Kathryn has experience at both agency and production co's giving her insight to how people and projects work. Her focus on process ensures that expectations aren't missed and that projects run smoothly because who doesn't like to love working?


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